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RU-21 was formulated by scientists at the Russian Academy of Sciences in the course of a 25 year-long research program studying alcohol metabolism. RU-21 became widely known as KGB pill, because it has been tested by special laboratories charged with developing advanced formulas for the KGB and Soviet Military Intelligence. Click here to view video of a former senior KGB agent inteviewed by CTV (Canada)

RU-21 was first introduced to market in Russia in early 2000. It was well-received by the Russian public and became the best selling supplement in Russia and other countries of CIS in less than one year.

Following the success on the market in Russia RU-21 was officially introduced in the United States in May of 2003. Few consumer products had ever achieved this kind of trend-setting worldwide popularity and brand recognition as rapidly as RU-21 did in 2003. In less than seven months and with no paid advertisement whatsoever RU-21 exploded into a global multimillion-dollar operation.

RU-21’s fascinating transformation from the secret weapon of the Cold War into a trendy lifestyle product enjoyed by Hollywood stars and the high society on both coasts inspired hundreds of featured articles and news reports in leading newspapers, magazines, TV and radio stations in well over 100 countries, making RU-21 one of the most publicized dietary supplements in the world. Moreover, many journalists conducted their own, unofficial product tests, which led to overwhelming endorsement of RU-21’s effectiveness in the media.

Consumer satisfaction has been the cornerstone of the product's success, as the high rate of customer retention continues to drive wholesale and retail sales.

The analysis of our customer database reveals that a large (and perhaps the most loyal) chunk of our consumer base belongs to the so-called “baby boom” generation. This is in large part due to the fact that the ability to metabolize alcohol generally decreases with age. Sometimes even one or two glasses of wine during lunch may result in general feeling of discomfort and fatigue.

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